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Maxi Pro Massager by Thumper

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Maxi Pro Massager by Thumper

The original deep muscle percussion massager by Thumper®. For 3 decades this massager has been the top choice of doctors and therapists worldwide. It has 8 massage spheres designed for large muscles and focused pressure points.

Weighing 7 pounds (3.2kg), it provides all the necessary pressure to provide a deep, strong, sensational massage. No need to add pressure, just park it on the area of choice and let it do its work.

• Patented Thumper Action provides strong, smooth percussive movement.

• Ergonomically designed massage spheres require no additional attachments. • Work smarter – a complete head to toe massage in 5-8 minutes. 

• Ergonomic handles placed at 90 degrees for ease of use and control.

• Variable speed from 18 to 35 pulses/second 

• 4-position adjustable pressure knob to tailor the massage for best comfort.

• Easy to clean, just wipe with damp cloth.

• Heavy duty, fan cooled, high torque DC motor

• Hand manufactured in Canada

Size: 8″W x 10″L x 7.5″H (20 cm x 25cm x 19 cm).

Weight: 7 lbs. (3.2 kg)

2-year warranty