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Breo Electric Acupressure Hand Palm Massager

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  • Breo Electric Acupressure Hand Palm Massager with Air Pressure and Heat Compression for Cold Hands Numbness and Tension Relief – iPalm520
  • Intelligent Air Pressure: Sophisticatedly microchip programmed, the intelligent air pressure (3 levels) generates a soothing rhythm to accurately imitate reflexology-like kneading to the acupressure points on your hand.
  • Acupoint Massage: Hundreds of specially designed massage granules provide a full coverage of the acupoints on hands and fingers. By stimulating the reflex zones of your hand, the iPalm520s improves micro-circulations and helps relieve hand strain and tensions.
  • Infrared Warm Compression: the massager heats your hand to 35-42C, which helps promote blood circulation, soothe hand muscles, reduce hand fatigue, soreness and numbness. It works great for people suffering from cold hands and fingers.
  • Dual Power Supplies: Giving 100% portability, the product works cordlessly with 4 AA alkaline batteries (included inside the package). And it also functions with a 6-volt AC adapter (included as well).
  • Hand Skin Care: The iPalm520s can be used as a suitable accessory which helps better absorb the nutrients of hand creams thanks to its warm compression. To keep the massager clean, you can use the provided gloves after applying hand cream or essential oils.